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Functionally Linked Play Elements or Circuits

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Toward the lower half of this page are Individual Free Standing or independent play pieces with links to the Product Detail Pages. Below are samples of events and projects which link independent events with unlimited possibilities.

This is the type of drawing we will provide as we work with you to develope your Nature Inspired Children's Play Environment.

Bears Nature Inspired Playgrounds and free standing play events can be functionally play linked to make a play circuit or obstacle course. Our free standing play events provide an opportunity for children to experience nature and handcrafted natural materials. It helps children develop an appreciation for nature's beauty and the great outdoors.

We use Natural Materials, like our beautiful, whole, round Northern White Cedar logs with all their natural features. Our cedar logs have a fat end and a skinny end like a tree (instead of a manufactured dowel), they have gorgeous wood grain, checking, knots, crooks, curves, etc. Our Bold, Strong and Built to last architecture beautifies children's spaces, while capturing a child’s imagination.

play flow diagramOur nature inspired products and natural materials help stimulate a child’s enthusiasm for nature. In short, our products facilitate learning, create opportunities for exercise, help build social skills and help provide a unique connection to the great outdoors.

Figure 8 Play Flow: Here the kids enter the play yard from the pass through playhouse as a grand entrance.

Ground Paw Hoppers entice the children to the stairs of the huge "L-Shaped" log playground where the cross a bouncy suspension bridge, a Bumpy Log Bridge and finally down an awesome Right Turn Slide.

As the come to a stop at the end of the Right Turn Slide, they look up to the awesome Hill Slide just a few steps to the left. The Slide by Side hill slide can introduce two kids at a time to the Lower Terrace. The Circuit of activities on the Lower terrace includes: Elevated Hoppers, The Burma Bridge, to Ground Paw Hoppers, to Tunnel, more Hopper Five Base Log Access up the Hill... All of which loops in a kind of figure 8 pattern.


upper terrace and lower terrace, play flow

Play Flow Picture, collection of the Lower Terrace circuit.

play flow picture collection

The picture to the right illustrates "Hot Lava" style "play flow".

Independent play events like Tree Hoppers can be added to a structure to create play flow. In this case kids cross the monkey bars to the landing platform, then either go into the structure, over to the Spiral Climber or use the Tree Hoppers to the stairs on the ADA. Super Cool kids try not to let your feet tough the ground as if it were hot lava.

hot lava style play flow

Upper Terrace and Lower Terrace Play Flow.

Funtionally Play Linking Various independent play events to create a ground level obstacle course adjacent to a large playground structure.

Tough Mudder, Sparten, Ninja warior Obstcle course

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