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Safety Surfacing Options

Wooden Playground Mulch

Bears Natural Playgrounds sample of wooden playground mulch

In stock for local delivery or available NATION WIDE by our regional producers. Our Wooden Mulch is blondish in color, engineered and Certified for Playground use. Our wood fiber is a 100% natural product and contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients. It is made from recently harvested and debarked American wood, free of soils, leaves, twigs and other contaminates which hasten decomposition. Chips are randomly sized and contain no waste wood or pallets as they could contain spilled chemicals, paint, metal, or wood preservatives. We utilize fresh wood that cannot be made into lumber. Local delivery is $75 in a 10 cubic yard dump trailer. Large loads (usually 100 cubic yards or more) are available through our regional producers.

National Distribution of this product is available through our regional grinding centers for delivery by tractor trailer. Delivery of this product by tractor trailer usually runs $400 ++ in addition to the cost of the product.

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Playground Borders & Accessories

Bears Natural Playgrounds borders and accessories

When it comes to unique playground borders for containing your loose fill safety surfacing products we offer a number of attractive options that blend perfectly with our nature inspired playgrounds, or any playground design.

Whether you're looking for cedar log borders, or double decker cedar logs . . . or plastic or decorative rocks . . . we supply a range of choices.

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Rubber Tile, Rubber Mulch

Bears Natural Playgrounds rubber tile surface

Rubber Tile Pavers are a 22" x 44" interlocking rubber mats, installed together to form a unitary safety surface that exceeds ADA guidelines for accessibility and minimizes maintenance. Advantages of this type of surfacing are that it does not displace during usage and it does not harbor foreign objects. It provides easy cleaning, consistent shock absorbency and sure footing. Tiles should be installed over a hard surface such as solid concrete (best), blacktop (better), crushed stone (good, but will show wavy imperfections under), wood decking, roof tops, etc. . Rubber tiles are available in a number of colors and thickness, which vary to accommodate desired fall heights (see the chart below). Available nationwide FOB our shipping center in NY 11801.

You may also want to consider the benefits of rubber mulch.

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79% of playground injuries are the result of of falls to the surface below.

A shock absorbing "safety surface" under and around the playground can reduce the frequency and severity of playground these injuries. Surfacing packages can be provided at the time of the playground installation or added after but prior to the first use of the equipment. For this reason we have put together a number of Safety Surfacing Packages or choices for you.

Our most popular Safety Surfacing Systems consists of four parts:

1) Barrier Cloth: Barrier Cloth provides separation between the ground and the surfacing product which helps keep them from intermixing, helps retard soil movement and reduces growth in the area.

2) Playground Borders: Borders are typically installed above grade to help contain loose fill surfacing materials. Borders can be arranged in an organic, free from shape or in a rectangle. (Some customers, usually those in wooded or natural settings will taper their wooden playground mulch down to grade, without the use of borders.)

3) Certified Wooden Playground Mulch. Other choices are available.

4) Installation: Each project is quoted separately based upon the size of the area, the products chosen, depth of the surfacing and installation factors like access to the area by truck and trailer. We also offer below grade systems, drainage and interlocking unitary Rubber Tile pavers which are installed over a hard surface like concrete or asphalt.