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Rubber Tile Architectural Specifications

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General Description

All necessary material components and application overview required to install the “Tough-Land” series using the “step-&-repeat” system shall be provided.

General Quality Assurance

Qualifications: Surfacing Systems shall have manufactured and marketed this system in the United States and the world for a period of five (5) years. Installation: Labor shall be completed by “certified" installers and / or installation instructions shall be provided by “Unity”. Design & Detailing: The “Tough-Land” series is utilized in the safety zones under and around playground equipment as an impact absorbing resilient – unitary rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver application. This series is designed to meet ADA, CPSC and ASTM requirements. Acceptable substrates and substitute systems are: concrete (cement), asphalt (blacktop), compacted crushed stone (RCA, stone dust), wood decking, roofing membranes (call for details and specs), indoor flooring and surfacing systems. Bears Management Group Inc shall approve other substrates. Conditions of all substrates with respect to structural performance shall be evaluated and approved by the certified applicator prior to installing the “Tough-Land” series using the “step-&-repeat” system.

General Delivery, Storage and Handling

All materials shall be delivered in good condition in its original unopened packages. All materials shall be protected from weather and the adhesive (glue) shall be stored on temperatures of 40º F (4º C) or greater.

General Job Conditions

At the time of application ambient air temperature shall be 40º F (4º C) or greater. All materials shall be protected from weather and other damage prior to application, during application and while glue is curing.

General Alternatives & Allowances

The architect and / or engineer, in writing, prior to bid date, shall approve any system or series, to be considered equal to “Tough-Land”

All material components of the “Tough-Land” series shall be obtained from Bears Management Group Inc. 1-877-807-7529 or its authorized distributors and / or manufacturers only.

Products: Materials

Surfacing Systems: tiles-mats–blocks shall be produced on a rectangular configuration of 22” (inches) by 44” (inches) in size with a shadow-center (fake seam) joint to achieve the use of the “step-&-repeat” systems to stagger the seams as if you were installing brickwork (or 2 vertically and 2 horizontally). As a result, symmetry of 22” by 22” squares will be seen on properly completed jobs (installations). Each tile–mat–block is 6.72 square feet in size and has a solid bottom design. Thickness is 1” for the “Tough-Land” series. Shall be tested for shock attenuation under ASTM F 1292 G-Max and HIC based on the thickness of material and / or drop height requirement needed. Shall have the following technical specifications:

Fall Safety Heights: ASTM F1292-95, F-355-95 Weathering (Aging): ASTM C-67, D-573, F-1292-95 Spread of Flames: ASTM E108 Class A, ASTM E108 modified for roof coverings Skid resistance: ASTM 303-93. ADA: Standard Spec for Determination of Accessibility of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment: ASTM F-1951-99. R-Value: Thermal Conductivity ASTM: C518-98

ASTM: American Standard for Testing Materials. CPSC: Consumer Product Safety Commission. ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act.The values shown represent current production laboratories taken test, which may vary when field-tested. “Unity’s” Chemrex 948 Urethane (glue): shall be a one-part binder, requiring no on site mixing. Excellent strength, tenacity and grab for side-to-side as well as product-to-sub surfacing installations.


Inspections: Prior to application of the installer shall evaluate the substrate’s structural performance. Notify all contractors, architects and engineers of all displacements. Work shall not proceed until unsatisfactory conditions are corrected and signed by the contractors, architects and engineers, and installation manual / guide as been read.

Installations: Surfacing Systems products shall be installed using the “step-&-repeat” system to stagger the seams as if you would install “brickwork” to stagger the seams (joints). Adhesive shall be applied to the sides or base especially the corners. They are to be cut and aligned as required to fit without any gaps. The installation manual / guide must be read by any and all installers.

Our Rubber Tile pavers are a 22" x 44" interlocking rubber mats, installed together to form a unitary safety surface that exceeds ADA guidelines for accessibility and minimizes maintenance. Advantages of this type of surfacing are that it does not displace during usage and it does not harbor foreign objects. It provides easy cleaning, consistent shock absorbency and sure footing. Tiles should be installed over a hard surface such as solid concrete (best) , blacktop (better), crushed stone (good, but will show wavy imperfections under), wood decking, roof tops, etc. . Rubber tiles are available in a number of colors and thickness, which vary to accommodate desired fall heights (see the chart below). Available nation wide FOB our shipping center in NY 11801.

Our tiles are much larger than most tiles, making installation easier. Pricing shown is per 22" x 44" tile. All pricing is FOB 11801 NY.


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