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Rubber Tile and Rubber Mulch

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Rubber Tile

Our Rubber Tile pavers are a 22" x 44" interlocking rubber mats, installed together to form a unitary safety surface that exceeds ADA guidelines for accessibility and minimizes maintenance. Advantages of this type of surfacing are that it does not displace during usage and it does not harbor foreign objects. It provides easy cleaning, consistent shock absorbency and sure footing. Tiles should be installed over a hard surface such as solid concrete (best) , blacktop (better), crushed stone (good, but will show wavy imperfections under), wood decking, roof tops, etc. . Rubber tiles are available in a number of colors and thickness, which vary to accommodate desired fall heights (see the chart below). Available nation wide FOB our shipping center in NY 12477.

Our tiles are much larger than most tiles, making installation easier. Pricing shown is per 22" x 44" tile. All pricing is FOB 12477 NY.

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Rubber Tile Pricing

Fall Height
Uses diverse color combinations all mixed
Black, Gray, Red, Green, Blue,White, Purple, Teal, Brown, Tan


50/50 with two colors

lbs. per square ft. / lbs. per tile
# per pallet
each tile =
6.72 sf
price each/
per ft.
price each/
per ft.
price each/
per ft.
price each/
per ft.
Transition or Ramps available 1.5" - 3.75" thick
1/2" 2x2 brick top face
$20.99 / $5.25
$21.99 /
$22.99 /
3.5 / 14
$46.91 / $6.98
$49.39 /
$51.95 /
$73.79 /
4.5 / 30
$56.31 / $8.38
$58.93 /
$61.56 /
$83.19 /
5.5 / 36.96
$60.82 / $9.05
$66.13 /
$67.70 /
6.5 / 43.68
$64.92 / $9.66
$67.51 /
$70.22 /
$91.80 /
7.0 / 47.04
$68.61 / $10.21
$71.30 /
$73.92 /
$95.49 /
7.5 / 50.04
$72.31 / $10.76
$74.93 /
$77.62 /
$99.19 /
8.0 / 53.76


Other Pricing

Geo-Textile Fabric
$199 per roll, 4' wide x 250'
Used on loose subsurface and rooftop applications. Not needed on solid sub-base surfaces: covers 1000 sq. ft.
948 Urethane Glue/Adhesive
925 ml tube
$14.99 per glue tube
Used to glue interlocks, as well as to a solid sub-base material: covers 40 sq. ft. per tube for interlocks only, 40 sq. ft. per tube for interlocks and to sub-base
948 Urethane Glue/Adhesive
2 and 5 gallon buckets
$89.99 per gallon
Used to glue to a solid sub-base material: covers 50 sq. ft. per gallon
Anchor Bolts / Screw Bolts
$37.99 per box
To bolt down to solid sub-base. Not needed on loose subsurface and rooftop applications. 100 bolts per box with driver bit. 4 bolts are needed per tile.

Color-Coat System
(Colorized) - Two Part

$131.99 per gallon
To paint the top of any rubber product with color or clear coat. 100 su. ft. per gallon for the first coat and 200 sq. ft. for the second coat. Based on spray application.
Transitions / Ramps
Available in 1.75", 2.25", 3", 3.25", 3.5", same price as tile and color above.
Site Preparation & Installation
To be determined. Done most of the time by third party contractor




rubber tile playground

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tools required

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interlocking rubber tile

Playgrounds, Amusement Parks, Daycare Centers, Rooftops, Factories, Animal Areas, Water Parks, Weight Rooms.

top view rubber tile

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bottom view rubber tile

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colors rubber tile

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Our products place in the intermediate category regarding installation difficulty. Consumers and contractors do most of the installations. An installation guide/manual is available upon request. Adhesive must be applied to all interlocking joints, and should be applied to the base [coned bottoms (feet or legs)] of the product or to solid sub-surfaces only. Do not glue to rooftop membranes. Keep in mind, bolts may be applied to the interlocks and countersunk as well. Tools that are standard for most installations include a utility knife or jig saw for cutting, a straight edge to make your cuts accurately, a string line and tape measure. A trowel or corking gun is needed for gluing purposes. A drill gun with screws may be needed for bolt down applications.

We suggest laying crushed recycled concrete on level ground along with a landscaping mesh or geo-textile fabric before installing our products. Other types of sub-surfaces or bases that can be used are as follows: asphalt (blacktop), solid concrete (cement), crushed stone (stone dust) or quarry (RCA), wood decking, and/ or any standard indoor flooring that does not have stress cracks. Orders of preference are as follows: 1) concrete, 2) blacktop, 3) recycled stones.

These twelve staggered interlocking joints provide faster and easier drainage, allowing no foreign objects to harbor between the interlocks, commonly found in competing products on the market today. Unity's staggered interlocks also helps prevent our products from shifting on one another, which is essential in active, "common" areas. The twelve locking joints eliminate future problems such as expansion and contraction which may encourage vandalism. This patented system locks tightly together for many years of hassle-free enjoyment.

The interlocks are staggered at about 2 ¾" (inches) on center to allow owners of our product to cut the tabs when needed, thus removing a damaged product, repairing a substrate (roof), or relocating a surfacing (flooring) area if necessary. This versatility is unmatched and decreases the repair expenses to the consumer. As you can see, we also features a double tile / mat / block having a fake seam down the middle. This feature, that is only found here, allows us to have a monolithic "step & repeat" pattern which lines real seams up with fake seams as if you were installing "brickwork". This technological advancement acts as a backup to prevent curling and wind up-lift. Fake seams forces real seams to stay in place.

By gluing the interlocks (both male and female) and / or side together as well as the coned bottoms (feet or legs) we prevent these problems for many years. Our double tile / mat / block feature allows installers to install twice the square footage in a day then the conventional square tiles. A savings that is unmatched in the industry. With this view from the bottom, you can see that our cones, (feet and/or legs) act as both a shock absorber from falls onto the surfacing below, but also allows water to flow freely to the drainage outlet when installed on a rooftop or a solid sub-base material such as concrete (cement) or asphalt (blacktop). Our system also eliminates any "hard spots" in our products as well, a common design problem with other products on the market.

The Patented tongue & grove technology is designed to snap & hook into place, and stay there . The new " bolt-down " capabilities are seen within interlocks and countersunk are designed for even more protection against vandalism, another feature that no one else in the industry has or offers. This is also a requirement by many federal, state, and local agencies...and Unity has it. A solid bottom tile-mat-block or pour-in-place systems are that they do not drain freely. During cold weather, water may freeze thus lifting or cracking these products. The porous surfacing, flooring and paver products we provide are water permeable. This allows water to drip through our products and channel its way around the coned bottom (feet or legs) and run freely to a drainage outlet, even on roof tops. As a result, the area can be used at all times.

We also sell Slide Mats specifically designed for under swings and slides. See Borders & Accessories.


Rubber Mulch


This image shows green rubber mulch being spread over our wide rolls of barrier cloth, all contained by our cedar log borders. Rubber Mulch is fresh looking, nearly maintenance free, synthetic groundcover specifically designed for playground usage. It is the perfect solution for all kinds of commercial, municipal and residential uses both indoors and out; used by child care facilities, schools, community parks and home owners. Up front costs for rubber mulch are easily offset when compared with the annual cost of replenishing /replacing organic materials like wood and it is more economical than our Unitary rubber tile systems. 

The rubber provides lasting performance and will never loose its effectiveness as a safety surface. Stock color is a beautiful, natural looking red / brown. The colorants and rubber are non-toxic and long lasting. It fact, they are guaranteed against total color loss for 8 years. Rubber mulch is highly is impact absorbent. Just 6" has been tested and can protect children for life threatening injuries from up to 12'; however CPSC now recommends a min of 9" for any loose fill material. It does not absorb water, so it does not freeze in the winter and dries quickly after a rain. Simply keep the proper depth and remove foreign objects. It is fresh looking and aesthetically pleasing. Rubber mulch is good for the environment because it is made from recycled tires. It will not absorb pesticides and does not sustain mold or fungus growth. It is vandal resistant, and it does not attract animals, bugs or pests. It also meets flammability standards.

We sell our rubber mulch in bulk although it is not loose bulk. It is actually packaged in huge super sacs that weigh about 1000 lbs. each. Each sac is placed on a pallet for handling. Our rubber is available in green, brown, red and blue. Our stock color is brown.

Coverage: Coverage varies depending upon the manufacturer we use. Rates tend to vary from 12 - 14 lbs per square foot average 13 lbs. per square ft. of coverage at 6" deep, 20 lbs. per sq. ft at 9", 7 lbs per square foot at 3" , 3.5 lbs at 1.5" and so on. 6" of rubber mulch will provide 12' of fall protection.

Local delivery is by dump trailer or dump truck. Larger and long haul orders are delivered by common carrier in an enclosed tractor trailer which the customer must unload. The minimum order on all non local projects is $5,000.

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