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Tree Hoppers $149 each, commonly purchased in sets of five for $745

children's playhouse
Standard Set of five Tree Hoppers used to create play flow off the end of an ADA Transfer Station. This is one of the most common uses for them.

Best for ages 2-5 years
and 5-12 years.

Bears Playgrounds Tree Hoppers are "Nature Inspired" art work, that kids can play on!

They can be used as seats or stand alone play events (hopping from one to the next). They can also be used to "functionally play link" other play events or to access lower deck structures. Kids walk, hop, skip and jump from Tree Hopper to Tree Hopper on our artistically arranged layouts. Heights vary only a few inches from one to the next, and possible configurations are unlimited. They are beautiful and functional.

The Tree Hoppers can also be combined with other free standing events to create a "ninja course" type obstacle course.

As part of our Natural Playground collection, our Bears Playgrounds Tree Hoppers are hand made from solid cedar log bases which support random size, species, and thickness tree cookie tops. Because our tree hoppers are made from real trees they will have or may develop cracks, checking and other imperfections the way nature intended. Tree Hopper Tops may have to be replaced every few years.

In an effort to always make improvements to our products, our method to manufacturing the hopper tops has varied through the years. We currently use a plywood base for support, along with a "rope-in-grove"' method around the outside edge. Lastly, we apply a durable paint to the top surface similar to what is used on back decks of homes. This helps with additional grip, along with prolonged life.

Installed at varied heights and complete with in-ground footers to comply with ASTM for ages 2-5 or 5-12 depending upon height and spacing. They can ship knocked down in a crate for onsite assembly or you can hire our team to deliver and assemble it for you. $149 each, set of 5 $745. FOB our shop in Lima, NY 14485.

playhouse image 3 playhouse image 3
Current standard Tree Hopper top. you will see a painted top surface for additional grip and durability. It also has a "rope-in-grove" method around the outside edge. Finally, there is a plywood base for additional support. Tree Hopper tops will need to be replaced every few years. To make replacements easier to install, new hopper tops can be ordered and mounted to the same in-ground posts as the previous hoppers were attached to so no new footers need to be dug.

playhouse image 4Installation in the field.

playhouse image 4Another favorite design is to use hoppers to link monkey bar landing platforms with spiral climbers, ADA transfer stations, and other play events. Tree Hoppers tie in really nicely to the fourth step of spiral climbers. Tree Hoppers supply endless play flow!
TLC PlayhouseAnother example of tying play events to a landing platform using Tree Hoppers!
TLC PlayhouseAnother example of creating additional play flow off the end of an ADA trasnfer station using Tree Hoppers.

children's playhouseHere Tree Hoppers are used to functionally play link our Tree hugger event, go underneath the big slide and connect to our intermediate landing platform. AWESOME!!!!

playhouse image 4Awesome play flow!!

playhouse image 4Tree Hoppers functionally play linked with other freestanding events to create a fun obstacle course!
playhouse image 4Close up view of Tree Hoppers functionally play linked with other freestanding events to create a fun obstacle course!
TLC PlayhouseFree standing Tree Hoppers. Older version of tree hopper tops.

TLC PlayhouseOff the end of an ADA transfer station.

playhouse image 3Off the end of an ADA transfer station.

Tree Hoppers

Tree Hopper x 1
Tree Hoppers x 5
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ADA compliant Safety Surfacing Packages available upon request.
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